Neferu is a Setite methuselah who presides over the Fire Court.


Neferu is notable for her young Embrace (at or before the age of 14), and for the fact that she was, in life, the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. She may be the sire of Sobek, the Third Vessel of Iniquity, who acts as her right-hand within the Court.

In 1882 CE, the Children of Isaac and Marianna traveled to the Fire Court in pursuit of the Sargon Fragment. The Setites of the Court tested them, as well as their Giovanni pursuers, while secretly attempting to corrupt both groups. Their attempts to manipulate the Children may have been partly stymied by the Court's other guest at the time, the Tzimisce "Alexei" (actually Sascha Vykos). Ultimately, Neferu assisted the Children of Isaac, Marianna, and "Alexei" in their quest to locate the tomb of Lazarus and the Anexhexeton.

Time of Judgment TimelineEdit

In the Nightshade scenario in the Gehenna sourcebook, Neferu was responsible for resurrecting Set upon the discovery of the site of the Second City. After Set was successfully resurrected, one of his first actions was to consume Neferu, along with all the other vampires within his chamber (an optional outcome for this encounter is that any player characters within the chamber are recruited by Set rather than consumed).

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