Nefertiti is a powerful childe of Set and the self-proclaimed "Queen of Europe".


Nefertiti was once an Egyptian princess and, according to her words, queen before she fell from grace. Some say that she was Pharaoh Akhenaten's consort of the same name, though other venerable Setites like Neferu might question such a claim. In her living days, she fell to the charms of the Ravnos Ankla Hotep until she learned that the only things the scoundrel Ravnos wanted were her body and her wealth, leaving her heart-broken. After Set saved her from death via the Embrace, Nefertiti came to fully accept her new role within the Clan and became one of the greatest proponents of Set's goals. Her activities over the centuries, however, remain unknown, hinting that she has spent a great deal of time in torpor.

Today, Nefertiti resides in Berlin, near the Neues Museum that contains a limestone bust of her as mortal queen. She works via agents like Peter Kleist to prosper in the chaos and pursues an alliance with the Bane Mummy Saatet-Ta to bring ruin upon the city. She also orchestrated the events surrounding the "Ascension of Caine", in which she forced her former lover Ankla Hotep via an amulet to actually believe himself to be Caine.

She is a stunningly beautiful woman with long black hair and darker eyes. She sees herself as Set's gift to the world. An extremely confident and knowledgeable Kindred, Nefertiti believes there is not any problem she cannot handle.

Her skill at Obfuscate allows her aura to always appear pink. Her powerful use of Presence makes other people feel as though they have been blood bound to her and destroys their ties with others. And her command of Serpentis and Dominate allow her to cause targets to become obsessed, afraid, or addicted to anything.

Aabbt Kindred

Nefertiti is unique in that her potent blood (and possibly rituals via Setite Sorcery) managed to actually transfer the Embrace to animals, something that is impossible under normal circumstances. Her Aabbt childer are Embraced serpents that she controls via the Blood Bond, even training them in the use of disciplines.

She would next like to Embrace a gorilla and see the effects.


For the historical queen, see Nefertiti.

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