Necross is a Malkavian methuselah with an extensive knowledge about the occult and the founder of the Great Library of Vancouver. He is the most prominent Malkavian in Vancouver and leader of the Nosferatu.


Necross was Embraced in 320 BCE, and is rumored to be an experienced thaumaturgist, but most believe this rumor is likely to be misleading propaganda. Amongst other prominent rumors about Necross is that he knows the secrets of Golconda or is able to break blood bonds

Today, he leads a group of Nosferatu in western Canada, maintaining and protecting the Great Library. He is thought to be the only one allowed within this construct. Whether this was planned or coincidence is unknown. The local Nosferatu are completely in his thrall, quite literally worshipping him. He uses them as proxies to interact with Prince Siegfried of Vancouver, who has come to grant the Nosferatu many privileges for their prudent advice, not knowing that a Malkavian is behind them. He has also contacts to the Canadian Lupines, who approached him in order to convince the Prince to agree to the Covenant, a non-aggression treaty between vampires and werewolves.

Necross' Clan Curse manifests in a multitude of alternate personalities, all shifting according to outside stimuli. This makes contact with him difficult.


Necross stands a little under six feet and is quite handsome. He has short brown hair and no distinguishing marks. In fact, aside from his natural charisma and good looks, his appearance is nondescript.

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