A Necropolis is the hidden refuge of a local nest of Nosferatu. The name is taken from the ancient capital of the Camarilla in Rome.


Necropoli are usually vast subterranean labyrinths that are restricted only to the Nosferatu. Not every city has a Necropolis and not all are even in cities These include abandoned silver mines, tunnels meant for transporting Army vehicles without civilians finding out, or hidden caverns. A Necropolis can be any of these places. Truthfully, a Necropolis doesn’t even need to be below ground—the only necessary element is that it remain hidden, somehow.

The most "luxurious" Necropoli offer their inhabitants a wide array of benefits. Bleak Annals record the history and knowledge of the Necropolis and its inhabitants. Caldaria are rooms of communal rest, similar to the bathhouses of Ancient Rome. Sepulchers are individual resting rooms for the Nosferatu. Some even have a temple of sort to practice the main spirituality of the attending Haunts. Enormous pits hold the waste of the inhabitants, while complex catacombs, hidden trapdoors and enslaved and ghouled animals protect the Necropolis from unwanted visitors. In rare cases, the Haunts make alliances with other supernatural creatures, like ghosts, to protect the Necropolis in exchange for services.

Famous NecropoliEdit


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