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The House of Neberu, also known by their modern sobriquet Fiends, are those who maintained the works of God in Demon: The Fallen. The most distant from humanity, the Fiends spent their time in the heavens knowing when and where everything would happen. One of their number, Ahrimal, saw that a catastrophe was coming and swore that the angels must act to stop it; instead, their actions caused the Rebellion. The Fiends who participated became advisors and strategists, but their abuse of their purpose changed the great design and ended up losing the war. After the Abyss cracked open, the Fiends were horrified to find their once-great creations decaying and damaged without their care; many dedicated themselves to restoring their creations.

During the Fall, many Neberu were aligned with the Silver Legion under Asmodeus. The Fiends once directed the course of the sun, moon and stars, weaving the complex patterns that governed the tides, seasons and portents of Heaven. Their power lay in the night, in dreams and visions, and now they use their knowledge to trap the unwary mind in nets of madness. Where once they were oracles, dispensing wisdom and warnings, now they are the masters of nightmares and far-reaching curses. Fiends are drawn to those vainglorious souls who covet secrets and forbidden knowledge.[1]

Purpose and Curse

The Neberu perhaps dealt in the realms most abstract to the human mind, creating and controlling the very nature of the universe and time. The Shamash controlled God's creation of light, the Ninsun ordered everything from the orbits of the planets to flow of time, and the Nedu knew how to navigate among it all. Consequently, they were the Elohim farthest removed from humanity and had the hardest time when the battles of Heaven brought them to Earth.

The Neberu were the fourth House to come before Adam and Eve.

The curse of the Neberu served as a counterpoint to the foresight they had and sought to teach to humanity. Humans would never remain content with knowing what might be coming; their stability was replaced with worry and longing.

Faction Alignments

The Fiends are Cryptics above all, which is no surprise. The search for truth is the best embodiment of their original purpose in heaven. Also unsurprisingly, few Fiends become Reconcilers, as they have always been distant from heaven and earth.


A Fiend, when presented with an intriguing situation or puzzle, must find the solution at any cost. This frequently causes them to lose interest in the situation at hand, which can be dangerous for themselves and their allies.

Background information

Neberu, also spelled Nibiru, was a mysterious celestial object associated with the god Marduk.


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