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The Natural Philosopher's Guild was an organization founded in the 12th century by Lorenzo Golo and Simon de Laurent. It is considered an early forerunner of the Sons of Ether.


Golo was intrigued when he discovered a philosophical text called the Kitab al-Alacir which was purportedly written in Ancient Troy. The book described a number of fascinating properties of ether, the so-called fifth element. He founded House Golo of the Order of Hermes in order to further their studies, but struggled with political infighting. In 1188 Golo met Simon de Laurent, a Crusader who had discovered a copy of the Kitab in the original Greek; after comparing versions, Golo left the Order of Hermes and he and Laurent founded the Natural Philosopher's Guild to further their research into ether.

The Guild's research drew negative attention from the Catholic Church, and de Laurent was excommunicated. In search of a patron who could support them both financially and politically, the Guild joined forces with the Order of Reason. Not long after this, Golo died in an accident involving an airship, and the Guild effectively ceased to exist, with its members being absorbed into the other Conventions of the Order.