The National Security Agency (or N.S.A.) is a giant information-gathering agency that is responsible for the collection and analysis of intelligence in the interests of the United States of America. Since it's inception in 1952, the NSA has become one of the most powerful, secretive, technologically advanced, and invasive of the world's intelligence agencies. Due to the de facto autonomy of the organization and the constant internal factionalism that exists within its military and civilian contingents, the NSA has been particularly susceptible to infiltration by several supernatural entities vying for control.

Vampire: The MasqueradeEdit

The NSA is believed to have finally been the first modern mortal institution to have infiltrated Kindred society by discovering SchreckNet, causing a chain of events leading to the creation of the Second Inquisition.

Mage: The AscensionEdit

It has been said that the NSA’s data-crunching ability is far superior to that of the Technocracy, who tend to use the Agency as a "cash cow". Currently, the Technocracy has two top-secret amalgams operating within the NSA. Both are ostensibly under the direct control of the so-called "Magic Czar": Dr. Emil Zotos.

The NSA also played a major role in Project Flatline, the Orpheus Group's first major foray into projection technology. The NSA provided the facilities and guinea pigs (who later became the Flatliners), and also attempted to hush it all up when it went horribly wrong. The Justice Department later found out about the NSA's involvement, which prompted them to form their own projection division, Operation Black Mercury.

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