Nathan Steepwater is a Children of Gaia, a half-moon, born to a blacksmith in Ithaca. His mother was a Tuscarora Indian.


Brought them together (Black Furies, Children of Gaia and Uktena). They had a common enemy; he just had to make them all see that. That was how they killed the Night Angel. Chosen by the Life of the Nation, the totem of lost caern of the Pure Tribes.


A strapping specimen of a man. Been raised at the forge by his father, but his heart yearned to be out among the land, meeting its people and walking its places. Once he had his Change, the smithy had no hold over him. If ever there was a Child of Gaia so rightly made to play his part, it was Nathan. Big, bearded, and deft of hand. Not perfect, of course. His blacksmithing had roughened him, in both hand and shoulder. He had a few scars from splinters of scalding metal, wounds that had set in when he was young, before the shifting of forms could mend them. One such scar was on his cheek, looking like a tear. It gave his smile an earnesty, something won through hardship.


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