Nathan Mendelssohn is an influential 7th generation Tremere resident of Vienna, who is presumably a childe of Karl Schreckt.


Nathan was born in 1576 and Embraced into the Tremere in the year of 1634. In modern nights he is a very influential sorcerer residing in Vienna. He is considered a traditionalist, which is probably the reason for the many unsavory rumors that surround him. Rumor has it that Mr. Mendelssohn belongs to several secret societies that, depending on the sources, either governed the fate of all Tremere or even all vampires from behind the scenes. Only one thing is certain: Mendelssohn mercilessly and without concessions hunted down the renegades who deviated from Vienna's orders. He was also responsible for bringing Regent Astrid Thomas into the clan, as his ghoul during the XVIII century.


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