Dr. Nancy Reage is a vampire of the Malkavian clan, a research assistant to her well-known sire, Dr. Douglas Netchurch.


Nancy caught the attention of Dr. Netchurch in the 1990s and became his assistant and ghoul. She had a fiancée named Lee, whom she left after a six month engagement as the blood bond-induced obsession with Dr Netchurch changed her priorities forever. She was willingly Embraced by Netchurch in an almost surgical procedure in 2000.

Dr. Reage (who does not often use her title) works at Netchurch's facility in Research Triangle, North Carolina. While her own research is not as famous as that of her sire, she is a formidable psychologist (she has no medical qualifications). She has written a lengthy paper on the psychological make-up of ghouls.

Reage's insanity manifests as a strengthened obsession for Dr. Netchurch, who she feels is always with her; this is possibly a manifestation of the Madness Network, despite Netchurch's feeble connection to it, as she sometimes hears other voices besides his. Reage also, like Netchurch, refuses to accept the supernatural even in connection with vampirism. She is almost as detached as he is, though as a psychologist she has a clinical understanding of human emotions and drives, and thus a better "bedside manner".

During her Embrace, she sensed the exact moment when the Blood Bond had taken hold between her and Netchurch, but she rejects her need for any other kind of "intimacy". She keeps her love and admiration for him in check, though sometimes not without effort, and is as oblivious to his derangements as he is.


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