The Nameless War is the name various Mysterium historians use for the battles of the Diamond Orders during the 19th century against various Apostates that were referred to as the Nameless.


The 19th century brought many changes in society and many Mages saw this as an ideal opportunity to break free from the restrictions of Atlantean custom. The revolutionary changes in Sleeper society inspired mages, who in turn inspired Sleepers, who in turn inspired more mages, until a sturdy revolution formed that raged concurrent with the ones mortals had caused. But for the best part of a century, many of these mages aimed purely to overthrow the established structure of the Atlantean orders but were unable to reach any sort of agreement on what should replace it. The only thing that united them was their contempt for the current society of Mages. The Seers of the Throne saw this as an opportunity to strengthen their ranks by approaching the Nameless. The following event was called the Great Refusal. In the aftermath, the Free Council was formed on New Years Eve in 1899 to battle the Seers and the Lie they reinforced, a deed that granted them lots of respect from the Atlantean Diamond.

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