The Nameless consisted of several factions and cabals of apostates that refused the authority of the Diamond Orders and rebelled against them, culminating in the Nameless War. Despite the varying goals of the Nameless, they all agreed that the way magic had been viewed needed to evolve and include modern elements of sleeper society.

After several battles, the Seers of the Throne approached the Nameless, in hopes of forging an alliance between them. The answer was the Great Refusal and the forming of the Free Council, culminating in the restructuring of the Diamond into the Pentacle. Those cabals of the Nameless who allied themselves with the Seers were mercilessly exterminated.

It should be noted, however, that other Nameless still exist-one is the sentence of Nefandi, banishment and utter eradication of all information relating to a particular mage. The second are minor, so-called Nameless Orders-extended cabals that wish nothing to do with the Pentacles or the Seers.

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