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The Namaru, also known by their modern sobriquet Devils, are one of the Houses of demon society. They are the first House and served as the heralds of God. Becoming the leaders of the rebellion against Him, the Namaru began to use humans more than help them. When they fell, they were cast into the Abyss like the other rebelling angels. After the Abyss cracked and the Fallen could escape, the Namaru turned to using their former allies in the same way they once manipulated people while still influencing mortals.[1]

Lucifer is the most famous Devil, having led the rebellion against God.




It should serve as no surprise that many Devils choose to follow their former leader and become Luciferans. The least popular option among them is the Ravener; they simply wanted to control creation, not destroy it.


The Namaru were the first Elohim to be created, and were made for one purpose: to serve as the voice and messengers of God by which He would command all others. The Bel served as overseers, leaders, and even punishers for God, while the Nusku controlled both the physical element of fire and the sacred fire of Faith that was placed in humanity.

The Namaru were the last House to present themselves during the Fall. They were represented by Lucifer, their autarch. A new kind of Namaru, the Qingu, appeared shortly thereafter to inspire humans to new heights of greatness and obedience.

Showing His wrath at their role in the Fall, God did not actually curse the Namaru. Instead, He ignored them completely, showing His complete contempt for them and rendering them unimportant.


Devils are frequently reminded of the power they once held in Heaven and are constantly reminded that they are no longer there. They tend to foolish acts of bravery in order to recapture the feeling of importance they had. Additionally, Devils suffer from the knowledge that they used to be the holy heralds, the messengers between God and the rest of the angels. Without God or Lucifer, they no longer have any messages but their own to spread, and they fear that the Fallen may realize they do not need the Devils in power any longer.

Devils are always looking for an angle and a way to control others. Sometimes, they use them for a good reason — sometimes, they manipulate them for their own good — but it is still their nature to play the puppetmaster. Their ability to manipulate others has made them arrogant, contemptuous, and cynical, but the world has a way of getting past their defenses, of shocking them with its beauty and horrors. When their veneer cracks, their old nobility shines through, and they might act altruistically before they can stop themselves.


Namaru is the ancient Akkadian language word meaning "to shine".


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