Duke Nalath Owlsbane, Lord of the Brass Tor, was a Sidhe Lord of the Mythic Age.

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While his Court and House are unknown, it is said of Owlsbane that He was one of the proudest and richest lords of the age, that few could best him in personal combat, and that his wyvernhounds were the fiercest in the realm. None of that was enough for him.

One day, while watching great copper clockworks do battle, he decided that if lesser lords cold have such things than he could have something even more grand. And so he went looking for the greatest Unseelie artisan of the age to build him the greatest, most terrifying was-machine of all. As he searched, all the nockers said that the person he needed was Brimstone Jill.

When he found her, he promised her the finest gold and purest steel to complete the project for him and she, in her pride, agreed; spitting into her hand to shake and seal the deal; which caused the Sidhe to squirm.

He gave her a workshop on Brass Tor and all the materials she needed. Two months later she came, asking for some time away. He, coldly, told her she could not go until the work was done. For five years this went on and each time he refused her request to leave.

At the end of that Five years she presented him with the Great Jaganath. When he saw it, it took his breath away, so terrifying was it. He turned his fear into anger directed at Brimstone Jill. "It will suffice, Engineer," he said. "You were certainly long enough about it. You may go. I will send your payment along presently." He waved her away, not even concerned at the look of rage in her eyes. He then commanded his armies to the neighboring Orange Hills, setting the Great Jaganath at the head of his column, and marched away, brimming with pride.

At daybreak the next day, a horrific, black wind blew through the Orange Hills, destroying weapons and armor in its wake. The worst of the wind flew to the heart of the Great Jaganath and it exploded and Owlsbane was crushed to death by the brazen fist of a battering ram.

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