Nakurtum was a legendary Assamite vizier, a childe of Haqim and even the Eldest of the Assamites for some time.


Nakurtum arrived at Alamut unexpectedly in AD 1214. She spent more than a decade transitioning as the Assamite’s titular leader in Haqim’s absence, a position that's been held by the reclusive Sorcerer Sha'hiri before her.

Although Nakurtum is reputedly the founder of the silsila, the historians charged with recording the clan’s history and maintaining its spiritual direction, she was the first woman to ever serve as the Old Man of the Mountain. Many younger warrior Assamites questioned the capability of a woman’s leadership, although rarely within earshot of their elders.

Nakurtum took a much more active role than Sha’hiri in directing nightly affairs, but her ideas were often met with resistance by the warrior and (somewhat surprisingly) vizier castes. She stressed a return to traditional values held by the clan, but many protest that the state of the world now bears little resemblance to her time. Her conflict with the viziers stems from the open disdain she holds for the current state of her caste, and her tendency to reject the Fikri’s counsel more often than that of the Amr or the Caliph.

Dissatisfed elders have secretly sent childer to seek out an Assamite with seniority to Nakurtum who they can rouse and install as Eldest. It is quite possible that this endeavor proved successful, since the Eldest ritually diablerized by Jamal in 1497 was a described as a male.

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