Nakhthorheb, also known as the First Son, is the leader of the Hierophants of the Followers of Set during the Dark Ages. Rumors say that he was born into the same nomad tribe as Set himself and was among the first to receive the Embrace from the Antediluvian.


Before Set's disappearance the Followers of Set had no organization. Once their god went missing, the Hierophants came together and declared themselves the stewards of the clan. There are seven Hierophants, not counting the six others who remain entombed in the vaults beneath the flooded city of Tanis. They are all ancient creatures, predating the pharaohs.

Nakhthorheb is the greatest of the Hierophants; it is he who holds the Hierophants in an iron grip. While all laws and commands given must be agreed upon by all seven elders, it is Nakhthorheb who is the source of these commands. Ever since the destruction of Tanis (Egypt's former capital and home of Set's Temple) it is said that Nakhthorheb spends his nights as Set did, wandering the wastes of Lower Egypt and planning the return of Egypt's glory.

He was also known for his distrust against foreigners and his adamant refusal to Embrace non-Egyptians into the Clan. He spent much of his time wandering through the wastes of Lower Egypt, planning how the make Egypt strong again.

He later fell into torpor and has yet to awaken in the Final Nights. Rumor says that he now sleeps in the House of Set, a Founding Temple located in Uganda near Lake Victoria.[1]



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