The Nahualli are a bloodline of the Ventrue Clan that has been founded in inspiration of certain aspects of Aztec mythology. The bloodline is currently split between the two childer of its founder, and both seek to influence the future of the bloodline for their own purpose.


The Nahualli were founded by Vinicio Peralta de Mosquera, a Spanish Ventrue who dwelt in Mexico around the end of the 19th century, who studied the sacrificial rituals of the Aztecs. Taking inspiration from the multi-facetness of the Aztec gods, de Mosquera believed that a Kindred was in effect a dual being, a dark soul (the "Smoking Mirror") and a light soul, sharing a single body. The Beast was one aspect of this nature, and the conscience remaining from before the Embrace was the other. Only through the acceptance of both could a Kindred attain a perfect existence.

De Mosquera achieved this by conducting brutal ritual murders to appease the Beast, yet presenting a facade of genteelness and culture to his peers to sate the Man. By the time he was ready to act as an Avus, he had two childer who he introduced into his own bloodline. Although both were receptive, the two approached their sire’s lessons in drastically different ways. Luis Valdivia Tavares Bellido, a former professor of philosophy at the University of Mexico City, focused on psychological aspects, noting that the Aztecs believed the soul resided in three parts, which largely corresponded with Freud’s concepts of the id, ego and super-ego. Beatriz Quadros Roca, an Indian with an alleged family tree back to Moctezuma, was drawn to the religious aspects of her training, perhaps due to her own claimed heritage or simply to differentiate herself from her undead sibling. In time, it came to blows between them that claimed the life of their sire. Each side blamed the other and a bitter rivalry began.

The Nahualli are shunned in traditional vampire society, not only because of members' grisly practices, but because they tend to be volatile and a risk to the Tradition of secrecy. Of the few Kindred aware of the line's existence, most believe the Nahualli are simply Ventrue who have a weakness for dissociative identity disorder.


The Nahualli are subject to the weakness of the Ventrue.

Additionally, Nahualli have a difficult time resisting frenzy (including Rötschreck and Wassail) and riding the wave. Their focus on a dual nature handicaps them when trying to control the Beast, whether to quell or summon it. When Composure + Resolve is rolled to either resist or initiate frenzy, the 10 Again rule does not apply and any 1's that come up on the roll subtract from successes achieved.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Ventrue clan

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