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Nahome is an Oko Eshu Grump in Hawaii.


Nahome runs a small tiki bar on the beach at O'ahu. Its ocean side has a canopy wall that opens up. Customers can sit and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, sipping their fruit drinks. When she tired of her wondering and settled into grumphood, this is where she settled. She is the real attraction at the bar. Her stories entertain mortal and fae customers year after year. She named the bar "Fairytales" in honor of her eventful past.

She has traveled extensively throughout the world and rarely tells the same story to the same people twice. In the evenings, when the sun has set and her customers have relaxed, Nahome steps up onto the small stage and tells a tale from one of her travels. Mortals enjoy the tales as the products of an active imagination. Kithain listen more intently for the truth behind her words.

The changelings of Count Menhiron's court often come to the tiki bar. Although Nahome does not consider herself a member of the court, she has fostered friendships with all who are, especially Nuaella, who listens with great attention to her stories of adventure. Some of the Unseelie on the island also patronize her. Their numbers have increased lately and can occasionally cause problems. For this reason, Nahome has hired a wilder Troll, Chog, to act as a bouncer. Nahome would be heartbroken if anything happened to Fairytales.


She greatly appreciates the attention the customers give her. It has made what she knows as her final years more pleasant. She just hopes her tales give people some pleasure in return. She graciously receives anyone into the bar. She has no enemies but isn't so innocent as to believe that everyone respects har property as much as she respects them and theirs. She approaches her Unseelie customers warily but amiably and keeps an eye on them.



Nahome's hair caps her head in round, fat curls. She usually keeps it shoulder-length and covered with a scarf. She wears several layers of silky, brightly colored tunics and vests over patterned harem pants. Her skin tone makes people think she is native Hawai'ian. A rich bronze, it glows from within, especially when storytelling. She uses her expressive eyes to emphasize different parts of her stories. Her dark pupils expand until little white is visible when she steps in front of an audience. In a particularly exciting or surprising part of her tales, though, she can make them large and round with the whites showing in sudden contrast. This always has a powerful effect on her audience.