The Naglopers are one of the legacies of Laibon.


Taking their name from the Khoikhoin word for "evil sorcerer", the Naglopers live up to their reputation as the most horrifying of the Laibon. They allow the Beast to dominate them, leading them into causing any debauchery one can imagine, and some were only thought possible in nightmares. Torture is a particular favorite of most Naglopers, particularly on those who intrude into their personal territory. The other Laibon generally steer clear of the Horrors as much as possible. Strong lone-wolf types are the favorite target for a Nagloper Embrace.

Naglopers are closely tied with the asanbonsam of Ashanti legend, a horrific creature resembling a man with hooked feet. The asanbonsam would use their appendages to reach down and snatch passerby to feast on their bodies. The Naglopers have been known to reshape their lower bodies with Vicissitude to do this as well, but a favorite torture is to take a victim, reshape them into the asanbonsam form, and promise to restore them if they act out the legend on innocents. More often than not, a torture victim will end up ghouled, dead, or the target of further, more horrific tortures.

As well as Vicissitude, the Naglopers have much in common with Clan Tzimisce. Like the Fiends, the Naglopers must burrow into the earth and rest there at least once a day or be weakened. Unlike the Tzimisce, the Naglopers do not need to rest in the earth of their birthplace.

Background Information Edit

The original outline of Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom confirms that the Nagloper legacy is intended to be a Tzimisce bloodline.


In real life, Nagloper is from the Afrikaans term nag-loper or "night walker", and is a loan word used by the Khoikhoi to refer to evil sorcerers.



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