Nadima al-Muqanna, also known as the Priestess of Dreams, is the current High Priest of the Disciples of Anubis.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born into a tribe of Sufi Bedouins, Nadima grew up with stories of protectors in the night that were far more ancient than themselves. When someone saw something strange during the night, it was the protectors calling to them. As such, she thought very little when her sister disappeared one day. When she returned, however, she was accompanied by a man with the glance of a jackal in his eyes. On her sister's word, she was introduced into the Grand Temple of Anubis, near Memphis. She advanced quickly in the rites of hekau and learned of the eternal conflict against Set and his master, Apophis. When her sister vanished in a trip to the Western desert, the high priest Abu Sham'al appointed her as his successor and went on to search for her.

After the Sixth Maelstrom tore the Underworld apart, Anubis has sent her more dreams and portent than she can muster, nearly collapsing under the pressure. Most of this dream concentrate on the child of an caitiff, which she calls the Herald. She concentrates all her efforts to find this child, as beneath Cairo, an ancient Setite methuselah stirs, and his awakening could destroy the precious balance that existed since the vanishing of Set.

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