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Mysteries are arcane secrets that are hidden within the Fallen World and are pursued by the Awakened to further their understanding of magic.


Under Mage Sight, Awakened see Supernal symbols in the world around them. From studying and deciphering these symbols, mages grow in Gnosis and power. Mages hunt Mysteries in order to further their own understanding and gain insights into the cosmos. The process of hunting down a mystery is often called a "Mystery Play", reminiscent of the first Mystery that every Awakened encountered - that of their own Awakening.

The Tapestry is vast, and filled with Mysteries great and small. Spells and other alterations always leave behind small telltale signs that are visible for those who can use Mage Sight. Although many have direct, obvious connections to the Supernal, most do not. Nothing external forces a mage to pursue the Mysteries, but those who do not have a natural curiosity and a willingness to go to great lengths to satisfy it simply do not Awaken. Some mages, especially those with low Wisdom, become obsessed with certain Mysteries, going to great and morally questionable lengths to decipher them.

Mysteries are central to mage society. Cabals form in order to study the Mysteries more efficiently, while Consilia are created in the presence of greater, geographical Mysteries that attract mages. Orders are ways to approach certain subsets of Mysteries. For example, the Adamantine Arrow often studies more martial Mysteries, i.e the growing unrest in the Shadow, while the Free Council focuses on the Mysteries found within human society and science.


A Mystery can be roughly divided into three parts: Opacity, surface information and deep information.

  • Opacity - Opacity describes how easy it is to decipher a Mystery. Subsequently, it has to be lowered through dedicated study and research. The more complex or old a Mystery is, the higher its opacity. Non-supernal Mysteries, like the workings of the God-Machine, Firestorms or the identity of a Fetch, are always more complex to solve for mages.
  • Surface Information - Information that is basic and can be divined simply by applying Mage Sight to it.
  • Deep Information - The Truth inherent to the Mystery. Solving a Mystery grants Arcane Experience, as well as the possibility to raise Gnosis.