Myrmidon is the Warrior faction of each aspect of the Triat that rules the Ananasi society.


Myrmidons represent one of the three factions of the Ananasi society, the warriors, while the other two are the Viskr and Wyrsta, the wizards and the questioners, repectively. Myrmidons engage in martial combat when necessary, and guerilla tactics when that suits Queen Ananasa's needs. They understand the subtleties of diplomacy and the value of shock maneuvers, alike.


Myrmidon (Warriors)

Tenere Secean: Warriors of the Weaver, they seek to understand the universe's pattern by analyzing the details around them.
Hatar Agere: Destroyers sworn to the Balance Wyrm's purpose, they move quietly and surgically from one target to the next.
Kumoti Kar: Warriors of the Wyld, they manipulate their environment by working changes on the smallest levels.

Faction GiftsEdit

• Illusion of Size (Level One)
• Open Seal (Level One)
• Hydraulic Strength (Level Two)
• True Fear (Level Two)
• Scorpion Tail (Level Three)
• Weak Arm (Level Three)
• Blood Hunt (Level Four)
• Drying Bite (Level Four)
• Image of the Great Mother (Level Five)


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