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Music from the Succubus Club is an audio CD that was released by Dancing Ferret Discs on March 20, 2000 as a soundtrack for Vampire: The Masquerade. Each of the album's thirteen tracks corresponds to one of the thirteen clans in Vampire. The album's cover art reuses the Clyde Caldwell illustration from the cover of the VTM: Vampire Players Guide Second Edition .

The in-universe conceit of the album is that it was compiled by DJ Damascus, a DJ at the Succubus Club. According to his liner notes, each of the thirteen tracks has a particular resonance with the clan indicated next to the track. The correspondence is inferred from the themes and lyrics of the songs, not the names of the bands that recorded them. (In other words, it's not a mistake that the song recorded by the band Nosferatu isn't the song that corresponds to the Nosferatu clan.)

Track list

  1. The Crüxshadows - "Deception" (Ravnos)
  2. Seraphim Shock - "Prey" (Lasombra)
  3. Paralysed Age - "Bloodsucker 2000" (Tzimisce)
  4. Wench - "Heart of Darkness" (Setite)
  5. Sunshine Blind - "Cold From Fever" (Ventrue)
  6. Bella Morte - "Fall No More" (Gangrel)
  7. Carfax Abbey - "Soul To Bleed" (Malkavian)
  8. Beborn Beton - "Hemoglobin" (Assamite)
  9. Mission U.K. - "Last Beat of Your Heart" (Brujah)
  10. Kristeen Young - "Rotting On The Vine" (Nosferatu)
  11. Nosferatu - "The Night Is Young" (Giovanni)
  12. Diary of Dreams - "Blind in Darkness" (Tremere)
  13. Neuroactive - "Superficial" (Toreador)
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