Murder Will Out is an SAS for Hunter: The Vigil. The story pits the players against a Slasher.

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From the Onyx Path catalog:

Murder Most Foul
What at first seems a case of an insane but isolated killer expands to put the cell at the mercy of an enemy that lives off violence itself, and can only be defeated by an act that could make the hunters killers on a par with the mass murderers they oppose. The story pits the players’ hunters against implacable killers of every stripe, and leads them into the grisly secret that links them all.
A story in the Storytelling Adventure System for Hunter: The Vigil.
Murder Will Out contains Storyteller character records, props, a number of hyperlinks to various portions of the text as well as bookmarks, so you can always jump right to what you need with just a click. It is inspired by the upcoming World of Darkness: Slashers, but that book is not required to use Murder Will Out.

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