Munther al-Aswad is a Sabbat Bishop of Cairo.


Embraced as a gift to a high-ranking Lasombra at Antonius' court, there was no guessing his age at the time of his Embrace, apart from having been fully matured and not yet susceptible to major evidence of aging. His dark brown eyes had a startlingly soft cast, contrasting sharply with the rest of his manner.

Munther grew quickly to despise his sire for toying with him and for the Lasombra to whom he was gifted. When the Anarch Revolt crept into Egypt, Munther allied with the Assamites and killed his proprietor, claiming his domain as his own and joining the nascent Sabbat.

Since then, he has tried to further the goals of the sect in Egypt, with varying degrees of success. Due to his lineage, he has maintained some respect within the Ashirra (specially with the sect's founder, Suleiman ibn Abdullah) and he is careful not to offend them.

Activities like rampages, midnight raids, and satanic rituals are forbidden among the Sabbat within his domain and Munther instead focuses on long-time schemes to wrest Cairo away from Mukhtar Bey. The long time he seems to need is seen as sign of weakness from some of the younger, more brash members of the sect.

Munther does not care to mount a direct assault on the eldest Lasombra independent or the clanless prince of the city. Instead, he works in an indirect fashion, using social manipulation and psychological techniques much more like well-planned Camarilla sect warfare. Whether the eventual benefit could ever be worth the costs, no one could say with certainty. Therefore, many said with volume and assertiveness to compensate.

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