Mummy Players Guide is the only supplement published for Mummy: The Resurrection.


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The Battle For Eternity...
After the last Great Maelstorm they came, flooding into the night to take up the struggle against the minions of Apophis the Corrupter and all who would stand against Ma'at. But the Amenti are not alone among the Undying. There are others who serve justice and balance with equal vigor, and now that the Amenti have met and counseled these strange immortals, the World of Darkness may never be the same.

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The Mummy Players Guide is a core sourcebook for the Mummy: The Resurrection game. From new character types to a wealth of new traits and powers, players will find everything they need to play one of the Reborn -- be it one of the Amenti or their cousins among the South American Teomallki or the Wu T'ian of the Far East.

Prelude: Remembering the BluesEdit

Chapter One: A Primer for the RebornEdit

Chapter Two: Fragments of a Soul ArisenEdit

Chapter Three: Beyond the Web of FaithEdit

Chapter Four: Life After DeathEdit

Chapter Five: Greater HekauEdit

Chapter Six: Stories of the SoulEdit

Chapter Seven: Allies and CompatriotsEdit

Chapter Eight: Grave GoodsEdit


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Amenti, Teomallki, Wu T'ian

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