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Mummy (also referred to as A World of Darkness: Mummy on the title page and as World of Darkness: Mummy throughout the text) introduces the immortal mummies to the World of Darkness. Although Mummy is ostensibly a general World of Darkness sourcebook, it was developed and published before the release of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, making Mummy technically the second fatsplat for the World of Darkness.


From the White Wolf Catalog:

Legends of Evil...
They've trod the Earth for millennia, stalking their foes with unrelenting patience. From the banks of the Nile and the tombs of the dead they have spread, until nowhere on earth remains free of their influence.
Are Not Always Myths
Now their wars flame with abandon, burning all those trapped on their battlefields. Wielding mighty magics, dying only to rise and fight again, they continue their battles as the gods themselves have decreed.
Mummy includes:
  • Rules for playing Mummy characters and their powerful sorceries, or adding them to already-existing Vampire or Werewolf Chronicles.
  • A complete system of immortality, far different from the one powering Vampires, with its own unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • A Mummy Story, ready for beginning and experienced players and Storytellers.
  • A World of Darkness: Mummy requires possession of either Vampire: The Masquerade or Werewolf: The Apocalypse.



Chapter One: The Mummy

Chapter Two: Magic

Chapter Three: The Cycle

Chapter Four: Storytelling

Chapter Five: Hell's Highway

Background Information

Mummy introduces a number of elements to the backstory shared by the mummies and the Followers of Set; these elements are expanded upon in later supplements involving either group.

Many of the game mechanics used for mummies in this book were renamed, removed, consolidated or drastically overhauled when mummies were revised in World of Darkness: Mummy Second Edition and again in Mummy: The Resurrection.

Memorable Quotes



  • Amam the Devourer, Bane Mummy
  • Amen Khal, Horus' Master of Warfare
  • Hetephras, restless queen
  • Horus, the Avenger
  • Sahura, the first mummy
  • Khonseru (Bacchus the Beggar), immortal jester



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