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Mummy: The Resurrection is the corebook for the Mummy: The Resurrection game line.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Osiris Awakens. The Undying Rise Anew
Given the choice of life or death, we choose to live again as soldiers of Osiris. We are stronger and more alive than any mortal in the union of ancient wisdom and modern will. The Lands of Faith have been plundered by agents of Set and Apophis for long enough. Their time is over. Those who violate the principles of justice and balance are our prey, and we are their relentless foes. Death itself cannot turn aside our wrath.
We Are the Undying. We Are the Eternal
Mummy: The Resurrection brushes aside the veil of mystery and delves into the Middle Eastern World of Darkness to bring you completely revised and updated rules for playing mummy characters. Contained within are new spells, new horrors, and new insights into the mysteries of Arabia, Egypt and the other lands of the Middle East that will open your eyes to facets of the World of Darkness that you've never seen before.


Introduction: Death and Resurrection

Chapter One: Judgment in Heaven

Chapter Two: The Resurrected

Chapter Three: The Modler

Chapter Four: Words of Power

Chapter Five: The Scales That Weigh

Chapter Six: The Lands of Faith

Chapter Seven: Secrets of the Scribe

Chapter Eight: Serpents in the Garden

Appendix: Other Immortals

Background Information

Technically, this book is a fatsplat as it does not contain the full rules. Another book with the basic Storyteller System rules is needed.

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Amenti (Mummies), Undying

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