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Mummy: The Resurrection is the third iteration of the Mummy character type for the World of Darkness. MtR was the first time that mummies were presented as a stand-alone game line, and was the flagship game for the Year of the Scarab. MtR allows players to play the Undying: characters who, through the virtue of an occult ritual called the Spell of Life, are perpetually reborn to fight the forces of Set and Apophis.

MtR is distinctive among the White Wolf lines for being radically retooled with every release, and probably the least supported among original WoD products. MtR had two supplements: the original manual and the MTR: Mummy Players Guide Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!, as well as an entry in Time of Judgment. MtR was also adapted to Mind's Eye Theatre as Laws of the Resurrection, with its Time of Judgment entry appearing in Laws of Judgment.

Dynasties of the Amenti

Dynasties of the Wu T'ian

Dynasties of the Capacocha


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