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Mummy: The Curse Second Edition is a core rulebook for Mummy: The Curse that updates the game to the God-Machine Chronicle rules set.




Beloved Servants

Introductory fiction.


Chapter One: The Arisen

Descriptions of the Guilds, the Decrees, and a selection of Judges.

Chapter Two: Life When Deathless

Summary of the origins of the Arisen, the nature of the Arisen existence, and the challenges they face.

Chapter Three: Creating a Mummy

Character creation rules, including Utterances, affinities, and rules for creating a cult.

Chapter Four: Laws of the Arisen

Core mechanics, including systems for Sybaris, cult actions, Sekhem loss, vessels, and sacred geometry.

Chapter Five: Immortal Foes

Rules for creating amkhata, ephemeral entities, Shuanksen, and manifestations of the Judges. Also includes a section on other kinds of immortals and Sekhem sorcery.

Chapter Six: A World for Exploring

Settings for Cuzco, Denmark, Halifax, Antarctica, Johannesburg, Wellington, and Hong Kong.

Chapter Seven: Creating Timeless Tales

Advice for Storytellers, including how to use troupe play and descriptions of Duat and Neter-Khertet.

Appendix: Conditions and Tilts







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