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Mulhecturous the Filth Goddess is a Onceborn Malfean featured in both Wraith: The Oblivion and Orpheus. She is also known as the Diseased Empress, the Foul One, and the Filth Queen.

Mulhecturous resembles nothing so much as a gigantic, rotting crab. Tufts of rotting tissue poke through her shell and disgusting fluids seep from her joints as she moves. She is easy to track, as she frequently leaves a trail of pus and tissue wherever she slowly roams. Many who study the Malfeans wonder how long she will be able to maintain herself with her constant rate of decay.

She has a small, select following in both the Skinlands and the Shadowlands. Her Quick worshippers are few and are almost always agreed to be mad in some form. Many dedicate themselves to openly spreading diseases such as AIDS and malaria in tribute to their goddess. Her Spectres are many, but are subject to the same decay as their mistress; many do not have the strength to remain around as long as she has.

Mulhecturous managed to somehow survive the Sixth Great Maelstrom, but not the forces of Grandmother. She was the first of the major Malfeans to fall when Grandmother and her armies invaded her sections of the Labyrinth, and was consumed by Grandmother herself. Her loss placed a major dent in the defenses of the Onceborn, as many powerful forces were under her command.