The Mountains of Heaven are an Umbral Realm within the Yang World.


The Realm manifests as a great chain of mountains, dwarfing even the mighty Himalayas, crests above a sea of clouds. Some wise hengeyokai believe that pagodas and hidden cities lie in the mountain range beyond the reach of most spirits. Those daring to try discover they can walk on the clouds, and find themselves walking with spirits of all manner of flying creatures. The light of the moon shines brilliantly upon those who enter this Realm.

Inhabitants of the Realm are the great Dragon-spirits, who have become strangely absent or lethargic over the last years. Paranoid minds blame the influence of western thought, which stifles and paralyzes them, while others believe in an illness that is concurrent to the pollution of the realms of flesh. Of the visitors, the most frequent are the Stargazers, who seek places for meditation and communication with celestial spirits

Rumors exist that the Mountains of Heaven reach up to the Aetherial Realm and eventually to the Shenti where each member of the Triat makes its home.


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