The Mother's Land is a region of the Anima Mundi where the Horrors of the Begotten originate. This is the home of the Dark Mother, accessible by passing through a dark cave in the Primordial Dream.

The Mother's Land typically appears as a dense, dark forest, sparsely populated by larval Horrors and Unfettered Beasts. If these Horrors successfully devour a human soul before they pass into the Primordial Dream, they become destructive Insatiables. Rumored to exist in the Mother's Land, along with the Mother herself, are the original progenitors of each of the Families of the Begotten.

The Mother's Land typically has a negative affect on visitors; a Beast traveling there is gradually consumed by it, and may awaken with a loss of Willpower and missing Chambers from the Lair. This effect is worse the higher the Beast's Lair rating was to being with. Other human, near-human or formerly-human visitors suffer similar effects, though they may have their own ways of mitigating the damage (such as a Mage's amnion). Werewolves, however, are at home in the Mother's Land and unaffected by its ancient energies, thanks to their spirit nature. Beings that were never human - the Created and creatures of the God-Machine - are starkly reminded of this, and after a trip to the Mother's Land they may be less able to pass as humans. The Unchained are immune to damage if they visit in Demonic Form, however.


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