The Mother's Army is a third-tier vampire conspiracy. They seek to awaken the Crone and thus end the world.

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The Mother's Army know that the Crone is real, and she is sleeping somewhere on Earth. The believe that they can awaken Her, and once She returns, She will purge the world in flames. One of the preconditions for Her awakening is that all vampires must be either part of Her Army, or dead. Another is to awaken Her first children, the Igigi--thirteen truly ancient vampires hidden in torpor like their Mother. Finally, the Army must learn all Her secrets, which involves discovering or creating terrifyingly powerful new cruac rituals. Once all these conditions are met, She will return.

Every member of the Mother's Army learns a cruac ritual that allows them to conjure some of Her blood; after drinking it, they are able to hear Her whispering to them from Her resting place, urging them on to new discoveries or new depravities. While they are a large organization, they are not particularly well-organized, and many suffer from low Humanity and frequent frenzies; they achieve more by brute force than by any kind of strategy.

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The reference to thirteen Igigi is almost certainly a reference to the thirteen Antediluvians of Vampire: The Masquerade.

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Vampire: The Requiem Covenants

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