Moses Miller is the current Director of Project Utopia's Internal Affairs division. He is a tall, broad-shouldered, athletically trim African-American man in his late 20s. He is the youngest member of Project Utopia's Board of Directors.


Moses Miller was raised in Memphis, Tenessee in a strict Southern Baptist family. He joined the US Army and was assigned as an officer to the Army's Intilligence and Security Command (INSCOM). He worked counterintelligence for several years and hated it. He hid his powers from the Army until his time was over. He went to work for Project Utopia from there. He worked for Project Utopia's Science and Technology Division from the time he left the military until mid- 2000 when he was hand picked to be an assistant director of Internal Affairs in charge of counterintelligence. In 2004 Miller had become Director of the whole Internal Affairs department. After October 31, 2005 and the Null Manifesto, Internal Affairs received greater powers within Project Utopia to feret out threats.

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