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Morwyd is an Unseelie Nocker Childling and the Winter King of the Kingdom of Mist in the lands of Albion, ruling from Samhain to Beltaine.



Perhaps best known for his honor guard comprised mostly of Unseelie Pooka and Nockers, Morwyd is a notorious prankster. He takes his duties as king seriously but he also knows that it is both his right and duty as the Unseelie one of the two rulers of the Kingdom to bring about change and sometimes the best way to shake things up is with a handful of snap-n-pops under the knight champion's seat. It gets everyone talking and breaks that horrible, holier-than-thou silence that his co-ruler, Karolinda, seems to enjoy so much. Not that he dislikes her. She's great. She's just so... so... sidhe.

While he observes the traditions of the land faithfully, Morwyd is very much a child of his time. He likes making miniature flying machines (often armed with cameras or remote-controlled water-guns), and has just discovered the joy of computers. His mortal parents despair of what to do with him. While everyone; his parents and teachers, knows he's bright he has never done well in his studies. (He hope that if he does badly enough in school he'll be thrown out for good, which would give him more time to make his flying machines.)


Morwyd cuts an impressive figure. His coal-black curls are crowned by a silver circlet engraved with ivy (which often hangs crookedly over one ear). He laughs easily, though often at times seen as inappropriate by others. His usual court garb consists of a paisley doublet and hose in dark violets and blues accentuated with silver accessories - though for raids and hunts he dons a silver studded suit of nigh-blue leather armor and an improbable great helm with blue and violet plumes.


For all his pranks, Morwyd is a staunch traditionalist. Sometimes those old ways just need a new spin, is all. He tries to keep those ways alive, though not in the same way as Karolinda. Most of the mortals in the area have forgotten the old way but they are learning once more that if cakes and cream are not left for the Good Folk, their crops may not grow (thanks to a fiendish thing his chief of security calls the Ninny Bug: a mechanical insect that can consume entire fields of seedlings.)


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