The Morrigu is a Totem of War.


The Morrigu, called “Great Queen” or “Mistress of Battles,” was a totem of the ancient Celts. Her symbol, and the preferred form of her avatar, was the carrion crow. While she seldom fought, she was a frequent participant in battle, urging her favored heroes to victory. Though a powerful totem, few packs petition for her patronage, for the Morrigu is a harsh mistress, and demands much of her children. Those who fail her or refuse her requests may find themselves the victims of a horrible vengeance. This is especially true of those brave enough to take her as a personal totem.

The Morrigu is a triune spirit; a pack picks one of her aspects: Macha, (“the personification of war”), Badb (“Fury”), or Nemain (“Venom”). Members of her packs are often cold and vengeful in their anger, and show no fear in battle. She is especially popular with Galliards and Ahroun, although her followers come from all auspices. The children of Morrigu are respected and feared among the Fianna, and find allies among the Corax (and most especially the three ravens known as the Morrigan), and some faeries.

  • Background Cost: 8

Traits & Ban

General Traits

All of the Morrigu’s Children receive a bonus of -1 difficulty to Social rolls dealing with Corax and raven-spirits.


The personification of battle. She incites warriors to heroic, if suicidal, deeds.


  • Individual Traits: Each pack member gains the Ahroun Gift: Inspiration as well as a point of temporary Glory. 
  • Pack Traits: Macha’s packs gain the Ahroun Gift: Stoking Fury’s Furnace, which can be used by any one pack member at a time.


Badb represents fury unleashed; she is the harbinger of battle madness.


  • Individual Traits: Each pack member receives the ability to enter a berserk frenzy at will. Furthermore, each member of her packs gain a point of temporary Glory but lose two temporary points of Wisdom when first taking this totem.
  • Pack Traits: Babd’s packs gain the Gift: Song of Rage (Level 3 Galliard).


Her name means “venom”; she poisons with fear and cripples by sowing confusion and chaos on the battlefield.


  • Individual Traits: Each pack member gains a point of Subterfuge, but lose a temporary point of Honor when first taking this totem.
  • Pack Traits: Nemain’s packs receive the Gift: Fog of War.

General Ban

No Child of the Morrigu may ever harm a raven, and all must always show respect for, and give aid to, the Corax. They must never show fear, even in the face of certain death.


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