Morpheas Sabinis, also known is Dream-Rape, is an illegal activity among the Kithain.

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Despite their open minds regarding romance, certain acts are still taboo amongst the fae. First and foremost among these is the crime of Morpheus Sabinis (commonly known as Dream-Rape). Although this act is abhorrent to most fae, it is, at times, still practiced. Through a combination of Arts (most notably Chicanery, Chronos, and Dream-Craft) an unscrupulous faerie can obfuscate a victim's sense of reality, making it conform to his or her own wishes. The malignant fae can then manipulate the victim for his own gratification. Victims of this crime rarely recover completely. This horror is rarely practiced by Seelie fae and even much of the Unseelie Court frowns upon it. The Seelie Court has several strict laws against this crime. These prohibitions also include its use against mortals.

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