The Morphean Oracles are the leadership and guiding force behind House Scathach.

Overview Edit

The Morphean Oracles are the defining force within House Scathach and, even if service to them comes with reservations, it is obedient. The circle has long lived in Protea, a Dream Realm bordering the Kingdom of Dán. The current oracles include the enigmatic phantom Talos of Protea, Birog the Lesser (Blue Witch of the Kureksarra Mountains) and a Modernist, 20th century addition, Celeste Vachon. The Oracles disseminate their will through dreams and visions or directly through avatars called the Khwaja Dirigens. There is only one person who stands above the Oracles, aside from Scathach herself; a shadowy figure known simply as the Malik. Only three individuals have held this position in the House's history: the Tuathan wizard Mathgen, Scathach's daughter Uathach, and currently a blind sorceress known only as Veleda.

References Edit

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