The Morotrophians are a Nosferatu bloodline with a preference for hunting in hierarchal, institutional settings. In the past, they largely infiltrated monasteries and nunneries, hence their lingering nickname. In modern nights they are more likely to be found haunting hospitals, nursing homes, cults or even prisons, where they can take advantage of helpless kine.

The bloodline's founder, Ludolus Bischoffshausen, suffered from crippling agoraphobia after his Embrace. He insinuated himself into a French monastery, which granted him both a captive herd to feed on and the social structure and security he needed to function. His childer eventually branched out from monastic settings to insane asylums, and from there to a variety of other insular, regimented settings. Even a particularly isolated Invictus court might be sufficiently prison-like for a Morotrophian's tastes. Their signature discipline, Institutionalize, manipulates the dependency on order and discipline such environments engender to allow the vampire wield authority.

Morotrophians do not have the overtly monstrous appearance of some Nosferatu, but rather a more subtle, disquieting cast sometimes described as "fish-like." They tend to build heavily fortified havens within or near their preferred hunting grounds, using a combination of manipulation and ghouling to gain power over the institution's mortal leadership. Morotrophians are exacting control freaks who thrive on routine and regimentation, but they suffer from severe anxiety when outside the physical and social confines of some kind of institution. They have an ongoing rivalry with the Malkovians, who also prey on hospitals and asylums, but from the role of a patient rather than a doctor.


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