Mormo, Lord of the Wastes, Slave of the Bog Fae, refers, in fact, to a tribe of goblins who inhabit a stretch of swamp known as the Bleak Bog.


I punish bad children. Have you been a bad boy? I hope not. I really hope not.

Enslaved to the Gentry, these poor hobs are guardians of the bog, sorrowfully taking to their masters those changelings who cross the Bog. The Mormos are massive, lumbering brutes, with fur composed of wet vines and antlers of calcified roots. They will, in their regret, often apologize to those they hunt.

Character SheetEdit

Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2, Wits 2, Resolve 2
Physical Attributes: Strength 7, Dexterity 4, Stamina
Social Attributes: Presence 3, Manipulation 1, Composure 2
Mental Skills: Investigation 2
Physical Skills: Brawl 4, Survival 5, Weaponry (Trees) 2
Social Skills: Animal Ken 2, Empathy 3, Intimidation 4
Merits: Fighting Style: Boxing 1, Iron Stomach, Strong Back, Strong Lungs
Willpower: 4
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Sloth
Initiative: 6
Defense: 4 (see Fae Aspects)
Size: 7
Speed: 14 (species factor of 4)
Health: 14
Wyrd: 4
Contracts: Stone ••••
Glamour/per Turn: 13/4
Armor: 2
Type Damage Range Dice Pool Special
Weedy Fist 1(B) 12 See Boxing Merit for "Body Blow"
Tree 5(B) 15

Fae AspectsEdit

Beastly Reaction: Every Mormo uses the higher of Wits or Dexterity to determine Defense, as with an animal.

Bog Bellow: By spending two points of Glamour and succeeding on a Strength + Intimidation roll, the Mormo can utter a great yowling roar that forces the swamp itself to lash out at a target (that must be within sight). Successes on the roll contribute toward a grapple: bog water and swamp plants literally reach up to bind a victim and grapple. The character may attempt to escape the grapple as normal. This does no damage to the victim.

Kept Hob: Each Mormo is collared — a tough, black leather band (Size 3, Durability 2, Structure 5) lies hidden beneath the creature’s weedy pelt. This collar is what allows the Keepers their measure of control. Destroy the collar, free the Mormo. Of course, this leads to an unfortunate side effect: all other Mormos then aim to murder the newly-liberated swamp goblin.


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