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Morhaut's Anvil is a legendary Treasure of House Dougal.



Just like the Closet of Mirrored Dream, Morhaut's Anvil was created during the Interregnum by a commoner. Morhaut was a troll master armorer living in Austria. His honor and smith-work were legendary, but he never found a commoner or noble worthy of his service. Due to his integrity, Morhaut became a judge and arbiter in his old age, and the court was always called in session over his anvil.

Shields made on his anvil gained magical powers (+2 soak dice). Indeed, many believe the trollish Shields of Virtue were crafted by Morhaut himself on his anvil. This treasure, though, has an even greater power: it forges truth. Oaths made over it have their effects doubled, and any oathbreaker will be burned (automatically Wounded) if they touch it.

Morhaut's Anvil has always been passed down to troll members of House Dougal. It is now in the trust of Sir Hugin, armorer to Chief Greyhawk in the Kingdom of the Burning Sun.