Morgan Cody was the wife of Ozymandias Cody, who did not know he was a mage.

The Codys were married in the mid-1990s, and seemed quite happy until Ozymandias became plagued with strange dreams. While Morgan was visiting family in Boston, Ozymandias called to let her know that something had happened to his friend Card Farrel in Las Vegas and he'd need to stay there for a few days.

When he returned home, he was distant, secretive, and frequently away from home at odd hours. He also continued to sleep poorly, drafting strange designs in the middle of the night, although some of these designs lead to him getting a promotion at work. Morgan knew he was hiding something from her, and when he steadfastly refused to talk to her about it she hired a private detective to investigate him.

The tension between them came to a head when Ozymandias "got caught up at work" and was unable to make it to the family Thanksgiving. Morgan stayed away from home for a few days, and after that Ozymandias stopped disappearing at night. Their relationship improved again.

In 1999, Ozymandias introduced Morgan to his "cousin" Zydeco Jones, and the two women got along well. It is unclear if he ever told her the truth about his magic.

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