The Moregei are, perhaps, the most dreaded Redcap Corby of all time.

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It is ironic that among the chauvinistic redcaps, perhaps the most dreaded corby is the all-female Moregei — a subversive terrorist sisterhood of cannibal hags. Worshippers of the ancient Celtic mother-goddess, the Moregei have spread a legacy of terror among mortal and fae alike down the centuries. Once only grumps were allowed into the Moregei, but recent times and the sidhe's return have fostered the hags' recruitment of younger, more vital members. Actual age matters little anyway; the Moregei can weave cantrips that allow them to slough off their mortal seemings while hunting, allowing their prey to view them in all their hideousness. Moregei teeth are sharp, not blunt, and the hags' appetites awe even their gluttonous brothers-in-arms.

The leader of the Moregei is the wilder Annie MacMaeven. Her deceptively soft-spoken, meek seeming earns her the nickname of "Gentle Annie." This illusion (and everything else in the vicinity) is violently rent asunder when she assumes her kith form: the Black Annis, an eight-foot-tall juggernaut of razor-lined skin, steel-tipped fangs and barbed talons. Other members include the ancient fimmrach Badba; the wilder skirmisher Jenny Greenteeth, whose recent "courtly" tryst with the Unseelie troll Jack-in-Irons has inflamed the Moregei and amassed a Mickey-and-Mallory-Knoxesque body count; and the Druagha, allegedly responsible for the drowning deaths of several Seelie childlings.

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