Morann is a legendary Seelie Nocker, member of House Dougal, and head of the House on Earth during the Interregnum.

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In the forge of Dougal; head of his House, Morann the Nocker was master of the forge. When Dougal came with Cold Iron to make it dream and become Anweyth, Morann was one of three fae who stayed with him. When Dougal died making his nonpareil, Morann, along with his two compatriots: Donovan and Aife the silversmith, were named the first Lords of House Dougal. When the Sidhe fled Earth during the Shattering, Morann stayed to lead the House on Earth.

Morann managed the House well for numerous years after the bulk of the sidhe left but in time, the few sidhe masters of the house who chose the Changeling Way began to resent being led by a Nocker. When he suffered his first death, the House of Dougal was thrown into a crisis. There had been no discussion of how to pass down leadership. While some argued for a new triumvirate, it was decided to create the position of Grand Master of House Dougal who would reign until Morann, in his new incarnation, should return. (To this day there is a group of Dougal Nockers, the Mothers of Morann, who seek the world over searching for each new incarnation with a whistle that only Morann himself may hear.)

Two times in the Interregnum Morann's fae soul never awakened before his human seeming died. During the last change of power, the most tumultuous events happened. A Nocker named Cranad became the Grand Master. He was a master of Simulacra. When Morann awoke, Cranad had him killed and put a simulacra in his place under his own control; the False Morann. Why Cranad didn't give him the death of Cold Iron is unknown. Morann sleeps again and Lord Donovan, having cast out Cranad and the simulacra, rules over Morann's Freehold: the Freehold of the Forge, perhaps until the Nocker awakens again.

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