A character's morality is his/her respect for fellow beings and for the law. It can change throughout a campaign; some people strive to become more virtuous and compassionate, some become callous to the hurt they inflict on others. Most non-human creatures replace morality with a different trait, like humanity for both Kindred and Prometheans, harmony in Werewolves, synergy in Sin-Eaters, memory in Mummies, wisdom in Mages, cover in Demons, or clarity for Changelings. Even Hunters may redefine the contents of their morality scale during Trigger Points through use of "The Code," to allow them to act upon alleged "greater goods" to continue their hunt without moral qualms about potential heinous acts they might be perpetrating, instead redefining the sin those actions would otherwise occupy on the scale with actions that would connote betraying their Vigil, at the cost of taking negatives to social interaction.

In the revisions made by the God-Machine Chronicle and the Chronicles of Darkness: Revised Storytelling System Rulebook, Morality is replaced by the similar trait of Integrity.


Characters start with a Morality of 7, and a maximum of 10 can be achieved by both role-playing and experience point expenditure. (That is, one must both role play it and spend the points to improve it.) Whenever someone commits a sin at her morality or lower, she must roll a number of dice determined by the severity of the sin. If she gets no successes, than her view of right and wrong is damaged by her experience, represented by losing a point of morality. Then, she rolls her new Morality to see if she develops a derangement. Should a character ever fall to zero morality, she is no longer playable; the storyteller takes over that monster. The magnitude of sins against each morality threshold are:

  • 10 - Selfish thoughts
  • 9 - Minor selfish act (not giving to charity)
  • 8 - Injuring another person (including accidental)
  • 7 - Petty theft (pickpocketing)
  • 6 - Grand theft (burglary)
  • 5 - Intentional mass property damage (arson)
  • 4 - Impassioned crime (manslaughter)
  • 3 - Planned crime (murder)
  • 2 - Repeated crime (serial murder)
  • 1 - Utterly heinous acts (mass murder)
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