Geoffrey Alan Montrose, or simply Montrose, is the sheriff of Las Vegas.


In his life, he was a businessman from Chicago who focused on import goods. After his Embrace in 1843, he traveled to Fort Baker, hoping to secure feeding grounds within the Army base.

He stayed when the Army moved on, and when the railroad brought travelers, he enjoyed the growing city. By the time Benedic, who would become the prince, arrived, he had insituated himself deeply into the domain. He offered his service to the new prince and was made sheriff – despite some claims that it is truly Montrose who rules the city from Benedic's shadow.

Both elders have great respect for each other and meet on occasion for a game of chess. Montrose knows the city like no other, and has people stationed everywhere. His main concerns are Sabbat incursions and occasional Anarch uprisings (that he usually makes quick work of).

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