Montreal by Night is a sourcebook for Vampire: The Masquerade. It details Montréal, a city that is considered the anvil of the Sabbat to which the hammer of Mexico will squash the Camarilla.


From the White Wolf catalog:

City of One Thousand Steeples
Welcome to Montreal, unhallowed shrine of our most glorious Sabbat. Oui, we're so glad you came. Walk our catacombs in search of blasphemous knowledge. Enjoy all manner of titillating diversions with our deliciously putrescent "Toy". And forget that language-barrier nonsense; we'd be delighted to hear you scream for mercy in English or French.
City of Black Miracles
Montreal by Night is the latest in the series of "by Night" books for Vampire: The Masquerade. However, this book is unique because it's also the next in the Black Dog series. Montreal belongs to the Sabbat! We just couldn't do justice to the enemies of the Camarilla in any other way. So head north if you dare... and don't eat the red snow.
Montreal by Night Features:
  • The first combination Sabbat, Black Dog, and "by Night" book ever. A dark treat for every Vampire: The Masquerade player and Storyteller.
  • New information on the Sabbat Inquisition and a brand-new Path to follow.
  • A complete city setting to play with. How long does it take to destroy a place?



A letter written to Cardinal Strathcona about the situation in Montréal during the late 1990s.

Chapter One: IntroductionEdit

An exposition of the themes of the book, as well as an explanation why it was published under the Black Dog name.

Chapter Two: History of BloodEdit

The long history of Montréal, from the arrival of Terrence DeBouville, its brief tenure as a Camarilla city up to the trial of Sangris.

Chapter Three: GeographyEdit

A brief overview over the geography of the city, along with places that the local Sabbat uses to congregate.

Chapter Four: Undead LifeEdit

Details about unlife within the City of Black Miracles, Sabbat rites, along with the first description of the Path of Power and the Inner Voice and the Path of Nocturnal Redemption (which was later revised into the Path of Redemption).

Chapter Five: CovensEdit

Details about the various packs active in Montréal, as well as their specific rites.

Chapter Six: The ChronicleEdit

Story hooks for use in a potential Montréal chronicle.

Appendix: The Sabbat InquisitionEdit

Details about the internal structure of the Sabbat Inquisition.Of the Sabbat Inquisition the Internal Structure is Infernal in the Lower Eschelons of The T'al Ma'heran Structure of the Manus Nígrum, and in the Black Hand, the Part of the Infernalists seems to Posees sometimes he Templars, working as Inquisitive Hands.. In that a Hand is a Pack, and that a Templar can be a Seraph, but in that The Inquisition is Not Infernalistic. But, in that The Hersey is Infernal, and of the Demon Lucifer, who hands on Dark Pacts through the Imps, of which one is Methathíel.

Background InformationEdit

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Sabbat Packs


Choir of Caine, Liber Defuctorum, Litany of Blood, Path of Nocturnal Redemption, Temple of Eternal Whispers, The Crucible

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