Monte Cook's World of Darkness (often abbreviated to McWOD, pronounced as if it were a Celtic surname) was a game published by White Wolf Publishing, Inc. It is Monte Cook's take on the World of Darkness, and was thought to be his last major project before he retired from the game industry, until he returned to the gaming world in 2011. It was released at Gen Con 2007.

The system uses the d20/OGL ruleset. This project was previously known as "Secret Project M" (the M stood for "Monte"); its name was revealed on December 6, 2006 in a press release, to date the only official information release about Monte Cook's World of Darkness:

White Wolf is pleased to announce a special product, slated for release at GenCon in August 2007. For his last book written in the roleplaying genre, Monte Cook is penning his own unique version of the horror setting known as the World of Darkness.
Rich Thomas, Creative Director for White Wolf, commented, "We've invited Monte to come play in our sandbox and can't wait to see that kind of castles he constructs. This opportunity to work with him on a project set in the horror realm, re-imaging things in Monte's own inimitable style is something we know will be exciting to our fans and the gaming industry in general."[1]

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