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Monte Cook is a game designer and developer who has contributed extensively to numerous game lines. He has released several products through White Wolf under the Malhavoc Press imprint, including the Book of Eldritch Might, which demonstrated the viability of PDF releases in lieu of traditional hard copy.[1] Other Malhavoc products include Iron Heroes, Arcana Unearthed, Arcana Evolved, and Ptolus.

In 2007 he released Monte Cook's World of Darkness, a unique twist on the World of Darkness setting using d20 mechanics instead of the Storytelling System.

In 2012 he founded Monte Cook Games, LLC, which has released games such as Numenera, The Strange, The Cypher System Rulebook, and No Thank You, Evil!.

Monte's other official contributions to White Wolf include the following:

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Special Thanks

  • 2004/April: NG: Tome of Horrors II Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print! (Russ Morrissey, the “One Step at a Time Crew,” Jay Barnson, Monte Cook, Chris Frizzell, Eric Graff, Nathan Paul, Greg Ragland, Stephen Riga, Michael Rooney, Lee Scolin, Ted Witt
  • 2004/March 1: SL: Echoes of the Past: The Slarecian Legacy Buy it from DriveThruRPG! To Bruce R. Cordell, Monte Cook and the rest of Malhavoc Press for the contribution of their variant “Psion Secondary Disciplines” and “Variant Powers Discovered” rules, taken from the module If Thoughts Could Kill.
  • 2003/July 28: SL: Player's Guide to Fighters and Barbarians Buy it from DriveThruRPG! To Monte Cook and Malhavoc Press, for permission to reference in Appendix 2 the prestige classes from Book of Eldritch Might and Book of Eldritch Might II.
  • 2002/February 5: SL: Relics & Rituals Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell, and Malhavoc Press, for the contribution of their variant ‘Psion Secondary Disciplines’ and ‘Variant Powers Discovered’ rules, taken from the module If Thoughts Could Kill and printed here in Chapter Six.